GlamourDollsOz - Article by Coast Community News

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“The fashion dolls industry is a niche, yet large business, and Coastie, Jozef Szekeres, has become one of the big players.

Five years ago, Szekeres started his own business, GlamourDollsOz, selling 18inch collectible fashion dolls.

Fast forward to now and Szekeres’ doll, Kotalin Bizelle: Ribbon Reveal, recently became one of the winners in the Collectible Teen/Adult Dolls category for the American DOLLS Award of Excellence Industry’s Choice Awards.

What makes GlamourDollsOz different from other dolls in the industry is their close-to-realistic look and height difference.

Instead of designing them to be the usual 16 inch height, Szekeres decided to make his dolls 18 inches but still able to wear the standard 16 inch fashion doll’s clothing and shoes.”